If you're an experienced Film Maker/Producer with hundreds of hours of footage or an individual with a passion for video and travel, then TravellersTV.com is a must.

We’re always looking to partner with talented and creative people to expand our video content and welcome everyone interested in joining our international team.

Getting Started

With over 120,000 destinations and 26 dedicated program channels, our platform aims to deliver the ultimate global portal for top quality and informative travel based video streams.

Simply register your FREE account and start uploading clips. TravellersTV.com provides everything you need from technical support to guideline standards within our Resource Centre.


Generate Revenue

Our goal is to empower video makers and sharers to do what they do best. We support the free and unlimited sharing of content online in an environment where the creator is rewarded for their work.

The platform offers an opportunity for professionals and amateurs alike to upload clips and generate share revenue income. TravellersTV.com also encourages partnerships between producers and the travel and tourism industry to create videos which promote destinations, products and services.


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