Customised Advertising

With video advertising a major component of online marketing strategy, we offer Advertisers and Media Buyers highly targeted campaign solutions via our intuitive Ad-Tack system.

TTV's format allows travel, tourism and hospitality suppliers to promote their product or service on a level playing field - no matter how small. Mapped on a global, country, state, region and locality level, our Ad-Tack system allows advertisers to develop campaigns that maximise return, exposure and brand awareness.


Ad-Tack Solution (Smarter Ads)

Ad-Tack is TTV’s proprietary advertising system designed specifically for video driven content. Its intuitive behaviour refines viewers profiles based on every clip watched.

Ad-Tack deploys adverts so relevant that they integrate with the viewers overall experience. As your global travel promotional gateway, TTV's Source-to-Destination logic means customised GEO target market segmentation and tracking is at your finger tips.


Overlay Adverts

Overlays are semi-transparent adverts that appear within the video player, generally at the base of the travel clip that is being viewed. These remain visible for a longer period than Sting adverts.

Sting Adverts - Pre/Post Roll Video

Sting Adverts (Pre/Post roll) appear either before or after any video clips viewed throughout the system. These are auto-played and designed primarily to promote destination specific content.